Get to know over 40 cultures at once in Festival of Cultures!

Did you know that there are students and staff from almost 100 countries in our university? Festival of Cultures offers a unique opportunity for everyone to experience the interesting cultures of all these people, who you see in the corridors every day. 

Festival of Cultures celebrates the vast cultural diversity in our university. The event is free and open for everyone. We have now gathered the representatives for different countries and there will be over 40 cultures represented in the festival!  Come to Tellus on the 3rdof October to experience something extraordinary and make friends beyond boundaries. 

Festival of Cultures consist of stands representing different countries as well as workshops, exhibitions, performances and other special events organized in the meeting rooms of Tellus. Festival offers an unique opportunity for Finns to understand the cultures on campus better, and for international students and staff it offers a fun way to integrate into our multicultural university community and showcase one’s own cultural background. 

The whole program is created and brought to life by our wonderful co-creators, the representatives of respective countries. This is why we can present the full agenda of events only closer to the festival.

We publish awesome country facts videos in the Facebook event of Festival of Cultures several times a week. Go click “attending” in the event and get your useful and not so useful info about different countries already beforehand. 

Check out here, what the event looked like in the previous years:  2017 video and festival pictures.

See you in October!

Last updated: 18.9.2018