Masterminds' Club: How to find business opportunities in AI

Masterminds' Club is back! An open conversation, an event where entrepreneurs come together with entrepreneurs-to-be to share the secrets of a successful entrepreneurial career and discuss the hottest business trends. Held in Business Kitchen on the 24th of September in Business Kitchen.

This time, Kimmo Kuusipalo, a senior consultant at Solita, a company where 700+ data experts work together on transforming businesses through digitalization driven by data and human insight, will talk about 

How to find profitable business opportunities in the fields of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

What is ecosystem and how Solita benefits from working closely with local startups 

Lessons Kimmo learned from startups and entrepreneurship in his personal career

Joining the Masterminds' Club is free! Register here to secure your spot:

Last updated: 18.9.2018