Public lecture: How smart technologies will shape our future

Thursday, October 4, 2018


October 4, 2018



Tellus Stage

About the talk:

This talk uses China, a highly populated and rapidly growing country as a case, to illustrate how smart technologies (Wechat, Alibaba, big data, logistics, e-services, etc.) are changing our lives and the future of our planet. It makes us rethink the relationship between modern technologies and our life. And how this particular relationship is going to determine our future?

About the speaker:

Dr. Xiaotian Zhang is an MMIB Fellow at the Oulu Business School and a EU Jean Monnet Professor of Entrepreneurship at Shanghai University. Taking more than 100 flights per year, he names himself an “academic entrepreneur” and a “global citizen”. He is a former Rajawali Fellow at the ASH CENTER of Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, a Visiting Scholar at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and a Vice Rector of UIB University. He has taught at more than 50 leading universities worldwide, and as a multimillionaire investor, he has founded 8 companies in Europe and Asia.

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Last updated: 27.9.2018