Over 300 guests attended University Business Forum

University Business Forum, organized November 9th by the University of Oulu, hosted over 300 participants from business and academic worlds. During the event researchers and company representatives got to know each other and discuss new possibilities for collaboration between research and business.

About half of the participants represented industry and the other half universities, so the circumstances were optimal for new project openings. The event focused on three relevant themes: personalized health, circular economy and wireless communication & AI. 

– I see the collaboration between industry and academia important for two reasons. The first is that we really want to help the companies to develope their business, and with our research we can provide some new solutions for sustainable procesess and products. Then on the other hand, I think this dialogue is quite important for us as researchers, because we get understanding what’s going on in the world and what are the challenges we could tackle with our research, tells Mirja Illikainen, professor and head of Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit at the University of Oulu. 

The opportunities of turning global challenges into success repeated from speech to another. For excample producing new materials from industrial waste, bringing our way of life back closer to natural state and new ways of producing raw materials and food can in best cases erase the problem, they were meant to tackle in the first place. 

As part of the programme at University Business Forum, 6Genesis Flagship Ecosystem launch opened the collaboration of 6G research with the University of Oulu, Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Joint Center for Future Connectivity, established by Nokia Bell Labs and the University of Oulu. 5G network is soon in commercial use, and the University of Oulu has also a major role in developing 6G. 

  – Oulu university is one of the key strategic partners of Nokia Bell Labs world wide. The university and industry research, at it’s best it really brings together both the open academic research and the very applicational purpose-oriented and focused industrial research. That combination is an area, where new things happen. That’s where we expect to find great things. explains research diector  Lauri Oksanen  from Nokia Bell Labs. 

The impact and results of the event will be visible later as new innovative solutions. University Business Forum was now organized for the first time, and it proved to work so well, the event is planned to take place the next year as well.

Last updated: 16.11.2018