Tellus Christmas Greetings

The Tellus team wants to thank you for this past year! It was a pleasure working with you. The year 2018 was exceptionally bright in Tellus, and it’s all thanks to the people we have had the honour to collaborate with. Christmas is a good time to look back and remember, what has happened during the year. We have gathered some of the greatest moments of this year in this letter to relish all the good memories.

In the beginning of this year, Tellus turned two years. During our third year, Tellus has become a known meeting and collaborating point in the scientific community and beyond. On our second birthday, we conducted a survey and got some great insight on how to improve Tellus further. The popcorn and cotton candy machines were also introduced on this day and since then, they have made many events happier.

On average, we had 30 000 monthly visitors in Tellus. In addition to the people of our university, we have had the honour to welcome numerous international guests, such as the President of The Federal Republic of Germany, many Ambassadors, international researchers, Ministers and officials interested in the Finnish education system. 

Tellus is a platform that enables people in our scientific community and other stakeholders to meet and interact. During this year, we have developed our premises to meet the needs of our users better. For example, Business Kitchen got a new look by the Innostava project of the Faculty of Architecture. Facilitating events is one of the core activities of Tellus. It warmed our hearts to organize so many big events in collaboration with our stakeholders this year. These included for ecample UArctic conference, Work Goes Happy fair and Researchers night.

In addition to events, Tellus is a place for entrepreneurial action and has been promoting a entrepreneurial mind-set in the University of Oulu. For years, Polar Bear Pitching has been one of the biggest common efforts of the entrepreneurial community of Oulu. This year, we had over one thousand participants. Polar Bear Pitching is a great example of how we together can be bigger than anyone can by themselves, and how collaboration can be more fruitful than competition, including within a business context. The next Polar Bear Pitching will be held March 12th and 13th and the call for volunteers is now open.

We celebrated the National Entrepreneurs Day on the 5th of September by riding on Bizbus all over Oulu with successful Finnish entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs told their stories to interested students, and cheered everyone on to take part in building a better tomorrow. This event was a completely new one, and it got some quite positive attention and feedback.

Tellus has actively brought the university and companies closer to each other. University Business Forum gathered altogether over 300 participants from both companies and the academic field. The event emphasized the huge potential in an open two-way collaboration between companies and academic research, especially in solving the challenges posed by global megatrends.

Enhancing internationality and communality in the University of Oulu in one of the important missions of Tellus. Did you know that we have people from 90 different nationalities at our university? The Festival of Cultures gathered different cultures in our university to celebrate diversity together for the third time. The whole content of this event was planned and produced by the international students and staff of our university. The event has grown year after another and this time we had representatives from 42 countries around the world. For the first time ever, we had the honour of including indigenous peoples in this festival.

Research focus institutes have strengthened their collaboration by organizing new kind of events. In Tellus, we established Brown Bag seminars, which have given a podium for our top research to shine on. Big topics were covered in these seminars by examining them through the eyes of different disciplines while having lunch together. The presentations by our researchers have been extremely interesting and it has been wonderful to see, how much interest there is to have trans- and cross-disciplinary conversations. We will continue supporting more cross-disciplinary research communities during the next year.

Thank you once again for all these happy memories! The activities of Tellus are based on collaboration and shared expertise. The broad expertise of our university becomes more visible when we work together towards a common goal. May the next year be as cross-disciplinary and cultural as this has been.

Merry Christmas and fascinating New Year!


Last updated: 18.12.2018