Soulutions offers an opportunity for networking and self development

Soulutions is a three-day event in which students and participants look for new perspectives and solutions for the challenges of companies, the public sector and researchers. The event brings people together to solve future working life challenges. You will improve your own skills and make them visible for prospective employees. Soulutions gives you a great opportunity to learn useful skills, make new contacts and sharpen your working life skills. Students will get 5 credits for participating and writing a short report after the event. 

The event is open for everyone to participate, and companies are especially searching for students to keep working with them after the event. Soulutions will take place from 10.–12.4 atTellus Innovation Arena, University of Oulu. The event is entirely free but you have to register yourself before 10.4. Soulutions is both in Finnish and English.

Whether you are a student, graduated or still searching your career. Welcome! 

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Last updated: 7.3.2019