Brown Bag: the science behind happiness

On the world happiness day 20th of March from 11 to 12, Brown bag lunch seminar focuses on happiness. The next speakers in Brown Bag are Professor Mirka Hintsanen from the faculty of education and researcher and doctor, Sylvain Sebert from the faculty of Medicine. 


Hintsanen will open up the psychological side of happiness, and Sebert will take a look at the physiological side on happiness. From these, the audience can draw a conclusion of what happiness essentially is and how can one be happy. 


In Brown Bag lunch seminars, the researchers of the university of Oulu can talk about the topics, they are passionate about and have multidisciplinary conversations on the phenomena they are researching. Lunch will also be served to those who registered for the event. Brown Bag seminars are open for everyone. Welcome to listen and have a great conversation.


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Last updated: 11.3.2019