Innovative solutions and new skills from sOULUtions

A three-day event sOULUtions was held from 10th to 12th of April in Tellus. Almost hundred people participated the event. They were divided into 20 teams to create new solutions for different challenges. Three tracks of the event offered challenges faced by companies, city and researchers. 

Lotta Ellonen, a student from the faculty of Education, participated the event because she has always been interested in creating new ideas and solving problems.

-I became interested in the event right away when I saw the first ad. I thought that this is my thing and I definitely want to be a part of it. It was also nice that we got 5 credits for participating to the event, Ellonen says.

Ellonen tells that the three-day event has been very interesting even though the days have been long.

-It was not a surprise that days are going to be long because we got 5 credits from it and the event is only three days long. 

There have been a lot of teamwork and different workshops in three days. Ellonen’s team created a solution for the challenge future of Pikisaari.

-We shared the tasks in the group with each competence area so that everyone can develop their own strengths. My task was to create ideas and the visual appearance of our presentation.

Ellonen and her friend wanted to solve the future of Pikisaari case because their skills were the most useful in this case. 

-We got a very good team and it was interesting to solve the case. 

Ellonen tells that she has learned a lot about teamwork, creating solutions and project work from the event. 

The event gave encouragement for social situations 

Anniina Hilden was a part of team solving the case on new opportunities of machine learning. Hilden has graduated as a machinist but now she is studying data processing. Hilden participated sOULUtions because she wanted to know what working life will be like on her new career. 

-The event was nice and easy-going because it was more mental work than a physical work, Hilden says. 

Hilden’s team was formed with her classmates and they got to solve the challenge which suits their careers. 

-Solving the challenge was pretty easy because we got an idea for our challenge in the first half an hour. On the other hand this was also challenging because the subject is so comprehensive. 

Hilden tells that she got a lot of encouragement for social situations from the event because she has been working with many new people.

 Prize to the best solution

Participants created 20 solutions for different challenges in three days. The solutions were presented on the last day of the event. Finally, the jury decided the best solution which was awarded with 1500 euros. 

The winner of sOULUtions was team called Ubli. The team created a market and a brand for brazzein, a new kind of sweetener created in the university of Oulu.



Last updated: 18.4.2019