Midnight Sun Space challenge in Sodankylä

Midnight Sun Space Challenge solves big questions related to space industry.

ESA BIC Finland, Space Campus and Arctic Geoinvest together with Ultrahack invite you and your community members to the space event of the year, Midnight Sun Space Challenge with ESA 11-13.6.2019. Event takes place in magical Sodankylä-Lapland during the Midnight Sun Film Festival.


You have great chances of getting accepted if your interests relate to following topics:

●                    Utilization of satellite, climate, geo, IOT or other technical data

●                    Working with new materials and technical components and sensors

●                    Space food, or vertical/urban farming solutions

●                    Nanosatellites and their components

●                    Space related applications


The winners of the track gets:

●                    5000€ cash prize

●                    Good chances of getting into ESA BIC Finland, Space Accelerator with funding

●                    Possibility to demo at ESA Booth in Slush 2019


All selected finalist teams will get free tickets to the Midnight Sun Film Festival and 500€ travel grant.


Deadline to register and submit your project proposal is 29th of May via Ultrahack platform. We encourage all teams and individuals to apply immediately because strong project proposals can be accepted right away !!


Find more info and apply to the event using this link: https://ultrahack.org/midnight-sun-2019


Last updated: 16.5.2019