This fall, new students start by finding their way in life

On the sixth of September, about 2000 new students are expected to go through Self-Hack in the University of Oulu. Self-Hack is a life design method, developed by Creativity Squads, a non-profit from Tampere, Finland. Self-Hack helps people design a life that is fulfilling and meaningful and based on their existing values. During Self-Hack, students will also learn ways to achieve these goals and realize, where they are on their way towards a bright future.


Teaching life design to new students hopefully also eases the burden of designing studies and lessens study related stress. Today, we face endless amount of possible futures and choosing the best to go towards easily feels overwhelming. It is quite possible that this has it’s own role in the increase of existential crisis’ and study related stress.


Self-Hack is developed by Creativity Squads. They have been using and improving the method since 2017. The method is also partly based on the Designing Your Life course by Stanford University. Normally, Self-Hack lasts for one and half days, but we have modified an 8-hour version of it for the purposes of orientation week in the university of Oulu. 


This version of Self-Hack is designed to make it easier for students to plan their studies and get the most out of student life. Students will create multiple possible and meaningful futures, which will guard them from the devastating feeling of their only dream falling apart. Through life design, it’s also easier to get the most out of student life. 


What we do, is relatively new in the university context and showcases how universities can help students to prepare for the changing world. Mastering one profession is oftentimes not enough anymore, but life itself demands new kind of skills to get the most out of substance knowledge. 


Self-Hack bases heavily also on peer support and active facilitating. To make it all possible, we have trained about 70 facilitators among the students of our university. Facilitators will guide new students through the day to become self-aware and skilful future experts, who know what they are doing and enjoy life.


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Last updated: 26.8.2019