All you need to know about Self-Hack beforehand

All new students will go through Self-Hack this Friday as a part of their orientation. Here is all you need to know about Self-Hack before attending. Self-Hack will guide you to take a closer look at your values and dreams. During this day you will learn new ways of planning the future and getting the most out of life. Every participant will learn the basics of life design and tools for how to make your plans come true.


On the sixth of September, we start the day with introduction at 8. Each faculty will start in different lecture hall and after introduction, the day continues in smaller groups with facilitators. Most likely, its nicest to do Self-Hack with the same group you have been with during the orientation week, so it’s recommended to be at the first info with your own group. Here are the lecture halls for international degree programmes:


Oulu Business School  L7

Faculty of Technology (including architecture and mining), Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science Tellus Stage

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IncludingInternational Master's Programme in Biomedical Engineering) Business Kitchen Tellus

Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Tellus Kontinkangas Medicine Campus


Self-Hack lasts from 8 AM till 4 PM and there is a break for lunch. During the day, you will go through the basics of Design Thinking and learn how to apply it in designing your life. We have prepared a workbook for this day so all you need to have with you is a pen. You will take turns working on your own and sharing your thoughts with others but remember that everything during this day is voluntary and you do not need to share more than you feel comfortable with. 


You don’t need to know your plans for the future beforehand. During this day, you will learn new ways of observing life and planning further. Afterall, we never know what we will eventually end up doing. The only thing we can know Is what to do next. 

If you want to read more, check this website:

Last updated: 2.9.2019