Students gave good feedback on Self-Hack

Last Friday, all the new freshmen went through Self-Hack at the end of orientation week. In Self-Hack, students get to know themselves and what their lives consist of, and then form meaningful and fulfilling future plans based on increased self-knowledge.

Self-Hack was organized for the first time in the university of Oulu this fall, and it replaced Future Factory as a part of orientation week. Self-Hack is created by Creativity Squads, an NGO from Tampere and they have been developing it since 2017. This was the biggest Self-Hack ever; they usually have included dozens of people and this time the number of participants was over one thousand. Students said that Self-Hack was a very useful event and they gave mostly positive feedback of it.

62,8 percent of participants said that this event was a good fit for the beginning of studies. some said, that it should be organized later than on the first week and on some other day that Friday, but most felt like the timing was good. 63,8 percent said that Self-Hack was well organised as a whole and 57,9 percent thought it was very useful and interesting. Majority of participants thought that the content was interesting and thought-provoking, but some of the students commented that the exercises kept repeating themselves and that the day was too long. 64 percent would recommend this event for the next freshmen. 

Self-Hack was clearly very effective for getting to know new people. 80 percent of participants said that the event helped them to get know new people. Getting to know people and good conversations were emphasized also in the open comments. 

A workbook with exercises was created for this event. 77 percent of participants thought that the workbook was useful and supported designing their futures. About 80 facilitators were trained to facilitate Self-Hack and 82,6 percent of participants said that the facilitators were useful and a big help in making the day go smoothly.

The organizers were also happy with the result of their work. “We are happy to see that so many students thought this event was satisfying and useful. Possibilities to get to know yourself and your peers, time and possibility to form one’s own goals and smoothness of practicalities were emphasized in the feedback, commented the main organisers of Self-Hack, Nina Jackson and Niina Marostenmäki.

Last updated: 10.9.2019