Science will have a major role in the Sustainable development week

There will be a lot of interesting science-related content on the Sustainable development week, which will be held from 7th to 11th of October. During this week, we shall take a look at the state of our planet through the lenses of several different fields of science. Thus, this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know many researchers from various fields. Here is a brief summary of all the scientific content of the Sustainable development week. 


The week starts on Monday the 7th at 10 AM with speeches by Eeva Furman, the director of the Environment Policy Centre at the Finnish environment institute, and Riina Vuorento, Senior Ministerial Adviser at Ministry of Education and Culture. After this, we will have a chance to enjoy some Irish music played by the organizers of Irish festival of Oulu.


On Tuesday the 8th, we shall take a dive to the deep end of sustainability science right away at 9:15 AM. There will be a lecture and a panel discussion in Agora with the theme Sustainability as a multidisciplinary research topic. at 1 PM there will be a sustainability workshop for all doctoral students by UniOGS.


Wednesday the 9thkicks off with researcher fair from 10 to 2 in Tellus. Here you can get to know researchers and their work from various fields and at 11 AM a Brown Bag lunch seminar will take place on Tellus Stage. At 1 PM our rector, Jouko Niinimäki, will talk about the possibilities and tasks of a University in sustainable development.


On Thursday the 10th, Climate university will host a workshop on the theme environment education and communication and at the same time UniOGS will host a sustainability workshop for doctoral students. On Thursday evening at 6 PM, Arto O. Salonen will give a speech on the topic Towards greatness, How the future could smile to me, you and us? The speech will be in Finnish. After this at 7 PM, young researchers will get to share their thoughts In Tuba at the Science Open Mic. 


On Friday the 11th, Climate University will host a second workshop for doctoral students from 8:30 to 14:30. The topic on Friday will be the challenges of multidisciplinary environment education. There will also be a Twitter conference on Friday from 10 to 4. Follow it by following #starctic2019 in Twitter.


The workshops by UniOGS are for doctoral students only and participation requires registration. Everything else on this week is open and free for everyone. Read more here:


Last updated: 17.9.2019