Story time: Maiju Welling

In Storytime events you will hear stories from people who have done a remarkable career in the field of medicine. Storytime takes place almost weekly on Wednesdays at Tellus Kontinkangas. This week Storytime guest will be Maiju Welling who will tell you how to find your own strengths and passion. You will also hear how hobbies, working and doing a research while studying can help you building your own career. 

Maiju got her PhD from the University of Oulu in 2017 and is currently working in the Capital Region. Maiju has worked in Patient Insurance Center as a first Patient Safety Physician to improve talking and learning about the patient injuries. Maiju is also studying a master’s degree in Economics in Aalto University and enjoys running and triathlon in her free time. Come hear how Maiju has found her path!

The event is open for everyone, but there will be catering for the registered participants! Sign up here:

Last updated: 1.10.2019