OuluHealth’s Network Director as a Storytime guest at Tellus Kontinkangas

Guest of this week’s Storytime will be Minna Komu, the Network Director for OuluHealth. Minna has received her Phd in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine concentrating on fetal developmental disorders. She spent her post-doc phase in the States doing cancer research. After coming back to Finland she simultaneously studied economics at the university of Oulu and worked as a postdoctoral researcher concentrating on hypoxia research. After this she worked as a business development manager at a Oulu-based pharmaceutical company. Now she has been working one year in her current position as the Network Director for OuluHeath.

Come and get inspired by Minna’s versatile study and working career!

The event is open for everyone, but by signing up you’ll get a small catering. The event will be held in English. 

Sign up here: http://bit.ly/tellusstorytime


Last updated: 7.10.2019