Research projects

All the actions and events carried out under the name of Rapid Research Radicals aim to enhance the interaction between researchers and research organizations. In addition to this, we aim to create tools and creative ways of developing transdisciplinary research culture and through that, make it easier for both researchers and institutes to collaborate.

Newly developed activities will be improved with the focus institutes of the University of Oulu. Focus institutes coordinate multidisciplinary research and doctoral training in the five strategic research focus areas of the University of Oulu. These focus institutes are Eudaimonia (Understanding humans in change), Kvantum (Creating sustainability through materials and systems, Earth and near-space system and environmental change), Biocenter (Molecular and environmental basis for lifelong health) and Infotech (Digital solutions in sensing and interactions)

The interaction and cooperation within these institutes will be reinforced and eventually strengthen the collaboration between these institutes, which will result in genuine transdisciplinarity.

Communality, cooperation and communication between different fields of science are in the core of Rapid Research Radicals. On top of this, Rapid Research Radicals sheds light on the top research and expertise at the University of Oulu and provides researchers with better opportunities to share their research with the larger university community and general public.

In practise, the following actions have been carried out under the name of Rapid Research Radicals:

Brown Bag lunch research seminars

Meet the Top Scientist seminars

Science Letters blog series

Research conferences on Twitter

Science Open Mic (“Science to the People”)

Science breakfasts and coffee

Get-together events for international researchers an staff

The focus institutes have organized similar activities also by themselves. These include for example institutes’ own science breakfasts and “Class of” science leadership programme in collaboration with university’s HR services where the future generation of science leaders will take part.

Are you interested in developing research culture or do you want to hear more? Please contact Simo Kekäläinen, the person responsible for this concept: simo.kekalainen(at), +358 50 3077 067