Book meeting rooms and other spaces as per your needs. Easily check the rooms' availability.

Meeting rooms and spaces can be booked beforehand through: (Before booking, check our premises here )  

1. (for University staff only!) Outlook Calendar (check more detailed instructions below);

2. (for everyone else) Tellus staff via e-mail at tellus[at] or by visiting us at the service point in person during the office hours (9-16 during the weekdays).  Check the availability of the space below before emailing or visiting us. 

Reservation through Outlook (only University staff)

Rooms you can book through Outlook are Brisk, Chill, Frost Club, Stage and all the Cubes

You are NOT authorized to book Aspire, Galaxy, Horizon and Business Kitchen Stage through Outlook. If you are interested booking these rooms, you can send an inquiry to

1. Open MS-Outlook
2. Select "New Meeting"
3. Add people you're inviting (or only yourself), Subject of the meeting/reservation, Start date and time and End date and time
4. Select from right "Show a room list" and select "Tellus RoomList". At this point, you are able to see which spaces are available at the time you have selected
5. Choose space from the list and press send. This will send the approval request to the Tellus staff. Please note that we have to first accept your reservation so it's not necessarily automatically been approved.

Huom! The person who makes the booking is responsible for space and the equipment, plus for reorganizing the space back into its original state afterwards.


The links will take you directly to the calendars and display whether the certain space or room is busy or not:

Aspire   Brisk   Chill   Frost Club   Galaxy  Horizon  Tellus Stage  Business Kitchen Stage

Cube 1  Cube 2  Cube 3  Cube 4  Cube 5  Cube 6   

Cubes can be reserved only max. 2 hours at time and one reservation per day per person/group! 

Last updated: 7.6.2019