Tellus Book Swap Shelf

Share knowledge, stories, and know-how by sharing books. 

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one” - George RR Martin.

Books take us back in time, let our imagination fly, help discover ourselves and the world, and treasure the universe of knowledge. They are our companions, travel partners, siblings, guides, gurus and much more. 

Fostering the spirit of sharing and community love, Tellus Innovation Arena introduced Tellus Book Swap in 2017. The idea behind it is simple as the title suggests. We now have a shelf of the second-hand books placed next to Tellus Service Point. You are free to read those books both within the premises and at home. But please don't forget to give something back. If you decide to take a certain book home, please bring some other book to replace it with. Who knows, maybe one of your fellow students, colleagues or friends is after one of the books lying on your shelf for years.  

Here's how it works:

1) Come to the Tellus Book Swap shelf and choose the book you want to take with you to read;
2) Write down your name and the name of the book you took to the notebook placed on the top level of the shelf (this is just for our reference);
3) Replace the book you took with another one from your own collection.

That’s all! Enjoy reading and sharing! You aren’t sharing just books - you're sharing your knowledge, know-how, influences and stories, too!

Let's not let the books remain stacked on our shelves, desperately longing for a reader. Books are meant to be read, aren’t they? :) 

Last updated: 19.7.2018