Tellus Innovation Arena spaces

Different spaces and rooms to fulfill your needs.

Spaces you can always use without any bookings:

1. Tellus International Avenue – Avenue area for having some coffee and meeting new people. Home of International Avenue concept and a place to meet the representatives of  University's strategic partners. 

2. Café Tellus - Juvenes Cafe with good selection of quality coffee and snacks at hand.

12. Nest – Space for relaxing and thinking with wooden floor and Fatboy beanbags. Please take your shoes off at the entrance.

13. Park - Space for individual and group working. You can find 20 computers for studying and working here.


Spaces you have to reserve beforehand:


3. Stage - Space for events, presentations and workshops for 70-80 people maximum. Stage has a large screen for presentations, a computer, 4 microphones and small tables with chairs.

4. Frost Club - Meeting room for workshops and presentations for 20-30 persons. The room doesn't have a meeting table, but cozy sofas with small side tables.  Please notice, that there are seats in Frost Club for 20 people by default. If you need more, contact our staff tellus (at)

5. Aspire - Part of International Avenue, Finnish style meeting and workshop room with large screen for 20 persons. Aspire is primarily for international meetings and activities. 

6. Brisk - Traditional meeting room for 10 people with a table and big screen for presentations.

7. Chill - Meeting room for 7 people with a round table and screen for presentations. 

10. Edge - Meeting room for 6 people with a round table and movable screen.

14. Business Kitchen- Space for Entrepreneurship related activities for 70-80 people.

15. Galaxy- Showroom for the best data analytics needs of your business and research.

15. Horizon- Meeting room for 16 people primarily to promote Entrepreneurship.


Last updated: 25.6.2018