UniOulu Globe

UniOulu Globe is the brand new interactive 3D service, developed exclusively for the University of Oulu. 

This service visualizes our extensive and diverse partnership network while allowing our students to effortlessly discover the places they can go on exchange. Just choose your Faculty, and UniOulu Globe's filtering system will make sure you see only the destinations available for you based on your field of study. In addition to that, UniOulu Globe displays interesting international news from the Universtiy of Oulu and beyond and offers you a number of cool interactive features. Those features are described in detail in our short manual which you can find on this page. 

Where can I find the service?

UniOulu Globe is available online as well as at Tellus Innovation Arena on a big touchscreen, which is located next to the Tellus Stage area across from Aspire meeting room.

Do you have any questions or feedback? Would you like to display an announcement on UniOulu Globe's news ticker?
Please contact us: uniouluglobe[at]

UniOulu Globe e-Manual

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