Venturing Research Challenge

Venturing Research Challenge (VRC) is a three-day event, in which multidisciplinary groups of students and researchers create real life applications from the top-notch research of the University of Oulu. Applications can be business ideas or solve bigger global problems.

The event will be held in Tellus Innovation Arena from 9th to 11th of October. VRC is open for everyone and we specially hope for as diverse participants as possible to create visionary and innovative ideas that have been thought with different approaches. We will teach all participants how to solve problems better, validate your ideas and develop products, so these skills you don’t need to have beforehand. It’s enough, that you are ready to get hyped about an interesting case study for three days. Students will also have an opportunity to get 5 ECTS credits by taking part in VRC and writing a short report about the things you learned.

Product and service design as well as pitching your idea are essential yet still highly valuable skills in modern working life. After this event, you will any way handle basics of these skills and thus, be on you way to a brighter future on any field.

VRC focuses always on a certain field of study. This time we have research cases around for example geopolymers and using biotechnologically modified fibre sludge as dust binding agent. You don’t even need to know what these things mean, it will all clear up in the event itself. 

Register for Venturing Research Challenge here by 7.10. Registering is free of charge, but we just want to confirm the number of participants beforehand. Check out also the Facebook event of VRC. Do you want your research to be taken to next VRC contact us by email


We will publish the exact programme and schedule soon.

Last updated: 28.9.2018