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What's this course about and why should you care


Why volunteer?

There's a vast variety of reasons why people become volunteers - some want to give something back to the community they respect and admire, some want to make an impact, some want to gain experience and knowledge. But one thing is for sure - volunteering makes you a better person just as it makes you a better worker. Being a volunteer is a great way to get the valuable work experience, new skills & networks, meet a lot of new people, share your knowledge, make yourself stand out, and even to upgrade your CV. Volunteering can as well be a great way to start or improve your working life.

Let's find out what this course is all about! :) 

Take this course as a platform to start your working life or to continue shaping it further by doing something meaningful and fun. In addition to the materials directly related to volunteering and volunteerism, it offers you the handpicked working life-related motivational and inspirational content to improve your working life skills and well-being. 

The course consists of the following parts:

1) Online course
You will be enrolled in the online course after you sign up for the Tellus Volunteering Course using this form
In this online part of the course, we offer you the carefully selected audiovisual and reading materials placed into the modern e-learning environment to support your learning and to keep you inspired. We want to make sure you get to know the volunteering concept and connect to it. Our staff will be always there for you to offer help and support. 

The online course consists of the following modules:

1. What is volunteering and why volunteer?
2. Self-improvement and motivation
3. Self-leadership
4. Constructive and conscious communication
5. Acknowledgment of your skills and expertise
6. Stress management and recovery

Those modules cover the topics crucial to being a volunteer while remaining relevant for anyone's working life and well-being. 
Most of the materials are in English. However, should you require more material in Finnish, you are free to message one of the teachers of the course and ask for more. The course material in Finnish is not mandatory to non-Finnish speakers. 

2) A few face-to-face sessions
The content of the sessions will expand on the topics of the modules of the e-course. There will be no more than one face-to-face session per month. 
The dates and times of the face-to-face sessions will be announced to everyone who enrolled in the course shortly after the kickoff date. The information would be freely available at the course e-learning platform and sent to all the students by email. 

3) Volunteering
This is the most practical part of the course. Here you get to try yourself as the volunteer and apply everything you've learned throughout the course into practice. You would be able to volunteer by selecting one of the volunteering opportunities we are offering* or to suggest your own. 

* Our volunteers are helping us to run Tellus, facilitate events, work at the University stands at fairs and events, work with companies, participate in the professional video and photo shoots and much, much more. 

The course's schedule is flexible and we're sure it would fit the schedules of the majority of our students. 


Why join the ranks of Tellus Volunteers and how is this course different?

The answer is very simple - instead of just offering you a task, we offer you to become a part of our team and learn together with us. If you would do a good job volunteering and would wish to continue as a Tellus Volunteer after the course is over, you're more than welcome to do so! 

Have any questions? Not sure whether you should apply or not?

No problem, just write an email to Sergei (sergei.kopytin[at] and let's talk more!


The latest application round closed 31.1. 
Missed it but really want to be involved? Please send an email to Sergei. 

Last updated: 4.2.2019