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What's this course about 


What is volunteering?

When we think about volunteering, the traditional ways, like helping elders, can be the first visions in our mind. Although volunteering can be identified as a philanthropy, it is also a way of learning new and improving your working life skills. You can think volunteering as an umbrella which covers different kinds of themes. 


This summer, due to on-going situation, Tellus Volunteering course will be organized as an online course. 
How you can volunteer online? By teaching others, sharing your knowledge and know-how.
The main task is to record a tutorial video, where you introduce your skill or talent, which you would like to teach others.

To complete the course and receive the 5 credits, you need to:

  1. Do the pre-assignment
  2. Record tutorial video
  3. Record the video-CV
  4. Write a reflective, academic essay about entrepreneurship

The main assignment in this summer volunteering course is to record a tutorial video of your skill, you would like to teach to other. Video will be minimum 10 minutes long and it includes written instruction to the topic. Your skill can be related to your study field or to your career plans! Make a script for your tutorial video (content, length etc.) and then submit the script for approval to Sara Jokiniemi. ( You can produce the tutorial material either in English or in Finnish.

Short  checklist: 

  1. Content plan
  2. Tutorial video (minimum lenght 10 minutes)
  3. Written instruction to the topic (minimun 2 pages)

You may suggest alternative ways to volunteer. Alternative methods of volunteering need to be approved before execution. If you are, for example, studying education and you have been a substitute teacher in a particular school, you can negotiate possibilities of helping the students with their online studies.

Tellus Volunteering - course is part of the Entrepreneurial Assignment. Please note, that you can complete the Entrepreneurial Assignment course only once during your studies! 

The schedule for the course is agreed on the individual basis. Sign up for the course latest by 15.6.2020. The final deadline is 15.8.2020 

Sign up here: or send an email to Sara (sara.jokiniemi[at]

Have any questions? Not sure whether you should apply or not?

No problem, just write an email to Sara (sara.jokiniemi[at] and let's talk more!


Last updated: 5.5.2020