Oulu Think Tank of Science and Society

The Oulu think tank has a service mission. The objective is to produce policy-relevant scientific and technological research of internationally high standard, and to offer its expertise to different parties, such as companies, research institutes and scientific policy actors. Furthermore, the team of researchers making up the think tank carries out scientific research in the field, provides education based on it and participates in national and international public debate on science and science policy.

The think tank has two specific missions:

  1. to analyse the social impact of science and technology, the interaction between science and society, the science and technology policies, the applications and utilisation of science, as well as the role of scientific expertise in public debates; and
  2. to bring up new openings in the university and to support the management in planning the research policies and profiling the university, when required.

The think tank operates within the Eudaimonia institute of the University of Oulu.

Societal impact of science via productive interactions