Networking with Arctic Attitude

When living in the North and the Arctic, one of the secrets to success is doing things together. That is the case in Arctic research too. Through common actions, there is a chance to achieve benefits that would not necessarily be possible or even make sense for an individual researcher or a research group. At the same time, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research is promoted.

Launched at the beginning of 2019, the network of Arctic researchers at the University of Oulu creates a research environment for multidisciplinary as well as internationally and internally networked research. The aim is to take advantage of existing collaborative structures such as UArctic, ArcticFive and to support researchers co-operation at different stages of their careers. In addition, support will be given to science communication projects to gain more visibility in the field of Arctic research.

The network will provide a framework for research projects and improve the communication and interaction between researchers. In 2019, approximately EUR 50,000 in grants were awarded for internationalization in accordance with the Arctic profile, project preparation and scientific communication. The email lists of the network also include researchers from research institutes operating on campuses.

The network currently has nearly 150 researchers from seven faculties. Project preparation support is directed to large EU projects. More on these and other issues that promote Arctic research can be found in the network members' Teams workspace, which at the same time brings together Arctic actors from across the university on a single platform.

AR Network report 2019-2020

Last updated: 17.6.2020