Climate change and the northern environment research in Aurora DP

Information about the research groups and communities in the field of climate change and the northern environment.


Climate Change Dynamics, Impacts and Adaptation

Res. Prof. Kari Strand, Prof. Juha Pekka Lunkka, Prof. Ilya Usoskin

Faculty of Science, Oulu Mining School, Thule Institute


Population, conservation and evolutionary ecology

Doc. Laura Kvist, Prof. Markku Orell

Faculty of Science


Water Resources Research

Prof. Timo Muotka, Prof. Björn Klöve, Dr. Heikki Mykrä

Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Science, Thule Institute, Finnish Environment Institute, Natural Resources Institute Finland


Biodiversity, land-use and climate change 

Prof. Anne Tolvanen, Prof. Artti Juutinen, Prof. Hely Häggman                      

Faculty of Science, Thule Institute, Natural Resources Institute Finland


Physical Geography

Physical Geography Research Group home page at

Prof. Jan Hjort, Adjunct Prof. Janne Alahuhta,    

Faculty of Science; Thule Institute


Last updated: 11.5.2015