Sustainable Resources Management research in Aurora DP

Information about the research groups and communities in the field of sustainable resources management.


Northern Environmental Technology

Prof. Riitta Keiski, Doc. Eva Pongrácz, Senior research fellow Jaakko Rämö

Faculty of Technology, Oulu Mining School, Thule Institute


Water Resources Research

Prof. Timo Muotka, Prof. Björn Klöve, Dr. Heikki Mykrä

Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Science, Thule Institute, Finnish Environment Institute, Natural Resources Institute Finland


Smart Energy Systems

Prof. Kauko Leiviskä
Prof. Enso Ikonen

Faculty of Technology


Environmental and resource economics

Prof. Ilmo Mäenpää

Oulu Business School, Thule Institute


Northern Bioeconomy

The research in Northern Bioeconomy is carried out in the floolowing fields:

Fibre and Particle Engineering

The focus of the research group is on
i) Industrial minerals and circular economy;
ii) Lignocellulosic biomaterials and chemicals; and
iii) Biocomposites
Research topics i) are dealing with e.g. fine grinding of industrial minerals, handling of mine tailings, use of fly ash and slag in concrete products and development of geopolymers from industrial side streams.
Focus of research ii)  is on separation and modification of nanocellulose to applications such as sludge flocculant, flotation agent and oil spill prevention and response agents.
Research in iii)  focuses on developing biomaterial, mainly wood fibre and nanocellulose based composite materials and products

TEAM leaders:

  1. Prof. Mirja Illikainen
  2. Dr. Henrikki Liimatainen
  3. Dr. Petteri Piltonen

Faculty of Technology 

Plant Biology

Research group in the field of Plant Biology is led by Professor Hely Häggman. The studies of the principle investigators of the group are focused generally on plant biology and biotechnology including plant molecular biology, in vitro propagation, analysis and characterization of plant and microbial biomaterials, utilization of cryotechnology for safe storage, modification by genetic engineering and by symbiotic interactions for production of plant biomaterial. Specific focus in the group is in forest trees and wild berries. The methodology tool box of the group also includes expertise in next-generation sequencing technology.

Since 2000, 11 completed doctoral degrees; currently 3 senior scientists and 4 postdoctoral scientists; currently 8 full-time and 2 part-time doctoral students.  

Prof. Hely Häggman, Doc. Anna Maria Pirttilä, emerita Prof. Anja Hohtola

Faculty of Science, Thule Institute, Natural Resources Institute Finland 

Applied Chemistry

Research areas involve catalytic materials and lithium-ion battery chemicals in industrial applications.  Catalytic materials and processes are studied in the pretreatment of biomass. Especially, dissolution and hydrolysis of industrial waste biomass (fibre sludge etc.) in novel catalytic reaction media and catalytic conversion of obtained sugars to valuables (e.g. butanol) is examined. Second area of research is catalytic conversion of biomass-derived, purified syngas to valuables using model reactions, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and methanol synthesis. Catalytic treatment of industrial waters and wastewaters is also studied. Especially, the use of catalytic wet air oxidation and different liquid/gaseous oxidants.

Since 2007, 3 completed doctoral degrees; currently 1 senior scientist and 3 postdoctoral scientists; currently 11 full-time doctoral students and 2 part-time doctoral students.

Prof. Ulla Lassi

Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Science, Thule Institute


Last updated: 4.5.2015