Inspired by Arctic – Call for membership in the University of Oulu´s Arctic Research Network

Warming of the Arctic threatens the populations and environment in the circumpolar regions, and provision of key ecosystem services that rely on fundamental water, carbon and nutrient processes. This jeopardizes traditional cultures, livelihoods, and tourism. Understanding the global changes in the North and dealing with it in sustainable ways is important globally and crucial for Finland.

The research done at the University of Oulu benefits people living at all latitudes. However, our heritage as one of the northernmost multidisciplinary universities in the world is invaluable now, when mankind’s new growth frontier is to the North. The demanding conditions of the far north have always forced people to be inventive and resourceful. We call this Science with Arctic attitude.

Activities in arctic science at the UOulu relate to all strategic focus areas. To highlight the importance of multidisciplinary research among Arctic research the UOulu establishes a network of the researchers to support these actions. The network is coordinated by Thule Institute, which closely collaborates with the University of the Arctic, and together with the UOulu’s Arctic Interactions profile action (ArcI), the Kvantum Institute as well as with another focus institutes. The network will also promote the actions and collaboration of the Arctic Five (A5) cooperation. UOulu´s researchers working on Arctic topics as well as the researchers of the Research Institutes situated in UOulu´s different campuses areas are invited to participate in the research activities of the network.



Management actions

  • scientific and operative: the Management Group of the ArcI profile programme -function ´Networking actions´ (led by Director of Thule) will be established under the group
  • administrative coordination (ArcI coordinator): integrating the grant calls with ArcI coordination, creating and maintaining MS Teams platform as the operational environment for the network
  • support services for the network offered by the UOulu
    • information about funding calls of arctic and northern research (Res. support services)
    • advise for marketing & communication & media relations (Communication unit + contracting companies)
    • events (3R and Tellus staff)


Actions and outcomes

  • calls for networking grants:
    • organized twice a year,
    • coordinated with the ArcI targeted calls for short-term research and research visits
  • arctic networking events together with focus institutes/profile actions

The expected outcomes of the activity of the network are partnership in multidisciplinary research activities in projects funded by EU, Nordic funds, Academy of Finland, Business Finland and other programs. Through the network UOulu can be more involved and increase the visibility of its Arctic research.

The starting point of the network is registration, which will be open until 10.2. 2019. There will be small grants for international networking for PIs and postdoctoral researchers (needs support letter of PI), who are planning a research project (as coordinator or partner) for the calls concerning their expertise in Arctic and northern research.


The goals for network activities during 2019-2020 are:

  • goals for number of members from UOulu and Res.Institutes: 200 members at the end of year 2020
  • goals for grant applications, ideation workshops, marketing and other events (tbc): XX



Kick-off meeting(s)

  • Preparatory meeting 8.1.2019
  • ArcI Management Group meeting date 18.1.2019
  • Kick-off seminar (Tellus) 28.1.2019


  • First phase: 21.1. – 10.2. 2019 to MS Teams (teams private mode, access with code)

1st call (30 000€)                

  • 11. -28.2. 2019
  • Decisions of the first grants: ArcI Management Group meeting, early March 2019



Last updated: 17.1.2019