European Polar Board (EPB)

European Polar Board - The Thule Institute at the University of Oulu and the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland are the Finnish representatives of the European Polar Board (EPB, established in 1995).

The Secretariat is hosted by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. Current EPB members are research institutes, funding agencies, scientific academies, and polar operators from across Europe. It is an independent entity that focuses on major strategic priorities of research in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions and provides strategic advice on Arctic and Antarctic issues. The mission of the EPB is to improve European coordination in the Arctic and Antarctic research by optimizing the use of European research infrastructure. EPB promotes multilateral collaboration between its members and provides a single contact point for the global polar research community.

Research coordinator Kirsi Latola is currently acting as the chair of the EPB. 



Last updated: 16.12.2019