INTERACT (The International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic) 

The Thule Institute is a partner in INTERACT. It managed and coordinated the Transnational Access work package during the FP7 funding period (2010-2015) and continues to do so in the H2020 funded 2nd phase of INTERACT in 2016-2020 and in H2020 funded 3rd phase of INTERACT in 2020-2023.

INTERACT is an infrastructure project under the auspices of SCANNET, a circumarctic network of currently 86 terrestrial field bases in northern Europe, Russia, US, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Scotland as well as stations in northern alpine areas.

The Thule Institute coordinates the largest work package of the EU-funded Consortium, Transnational Access (TA). Transnational Access means free access for scientists to conduct their studies at the research station, including travel and logistic costs as well as facilities and accommodations at the station. Through INTERACT, TA is offered to 43 research stations for altogether 7800 person-days of access during the four-year project period.

Transnational Access also includes two other modalities of access. Remote Access (RA) is a form of Transnational Access, where the scientists do not physically visit the station, but instead the station staff collects the samples for the scientists according to their research plan. Seventeen (17) stations are offering RA in INTERACT. There is a call for both TA and RA projects annually in the INTERACCESS on-line application system. The TA/RA call is competitive, and the applications undergo scientific evaluation by the INTERACT TA Board.  

The third form of access is called Virtual Access, meaning free and open access to station's monitoring and observation data. Virtual Access will be offered at 29 stations, and can be accessed through the INTERACT Virtual Access single-entry point that is available on-line to all users.

The Transnational Access office, located at Thule Institute consists of the work package leader Dr Kirsi Latola, and TA Coordinator Dr Hannele Savela. The TA Coordination office arranges the TA/RA Calls and related scientific evaluations, takes care of  communication with the applicants, selected TA projects and the stations, prepares various reports and deliverables, and arranges various events and meetings within the TA User Community that is the collaboration, networking and outreach platform of the TA Users. The main Coordinator of INTERACT is at Lund University in Sweden. Other INTERACT work packages include Station Managers' Forum, Scientific Coordination, Mentoring and Education, Joint Research Activities (Red Phone environmental alert system, Developing Technology for Drones, and Harmonising and Improving Biodiversity Monitoring), and Adapting to Environmental Change.  





Last updated: 6.7.2020