Open workshop: Trends in cyber security after Snowden

Recent leaks of governmental monitoring practices in cyberspace have left anybody, citizens and security professionals/researchers, questioning current computing trends – particularly its security mechanisms.

Citizens are concerned about their digital lifestyle, with personal data stored in the ever growing ecosystem of cloud and mobile services and are starting to weight the obvious advantages of ubiquity and accessibility against the threat of constant surveillance.

Governments, on the other hand, are worried about terrorists and whistle-blowers and that despite an unproportional effort for securing computer networks, confidential documents keep leaking to the public.

Seventh International Crisis Management Workshop (CrIM'13) , to be held on November 25-26th at the University of Oulu, consists of lectures covering a broad variety of topics related to the theme.

The workshop is intended for both students (credits available!), as well as to anyone interested in the theme.



Viimeksi päivitetty: 15.11.2013