Convex Optimization with Application in Wireless Communications and Networking

Place and time:

The first  lecture is on 13 January, 13:00 - 15:00 in TS101 and the course will last until the end of March. 

There are two lectures per week on Mondays and Thursdays but the lecture room and time  are changing every week (the exact schedule is attached). The exam date will be agreed later.


The proposed number of credit points is 10 (the course has already been taught several times in the past and the number of credit points was the same).

Content and supporting material:

The lectures will be based on Stephen Boyd's book on Convex Optimization. All lecture notes, the text book and even a complete set of video lectures are available on-line in Internet:


Before attending a lecture, students must read from the text book the currently covered chapter. Students are also asked to solve few homework exercises (that will be returned weekly), and pass a final exam.


Good knowledge of linear algebra and matrix manipulation. A (wonderful) course on basic linear algebra course which covers all necessary topics can be found in Stephen Boyd’s web page (course code: EE263). Note that the course reader, homework with solutions and video lectures for this course are also available in the Boyd’s web page.


please send an e-mail to marian.codreanu (at) with the following format:

subject should be “registration for Convex Optimization 2014” and the body should contain only the following three entries:  1) your surname and first names, 2) your e-mail address, and 3) your affiliation.

Important final remarks:

1)  Please pay a special attention and try to keep track with the reading assignment, otherwise it will be difficult to follow the lectures. The firsts two reading assignments are as follows:  the first two chapters (i.e., Introduction and Convex sets) and Appendix A (i.e., Mathematical background) from the textbook are to be read by on 13’th of  January. The third chapter is to be read by 25’th of  January.  
2) Problem sessions will be also organized, and they will be taught by Satya Joshi, Markus Leinonen and Uditha Wijewardhana.
3) Homework will be allocated weekly and deadline is next Friday  4 PM (late homework will not be accepted). The homework should be returned in my mail box in TS wing. Please remember to sign the homework.
4) A web page for posting homework, reading assignments and different announcements will be soon ready. You are supposed to keep an eye on that page, as every announcement available there, will be assumed to be communicated to you.
5)  Any e-mail concerning this course (except the registration e-mail) should have the subject “Convex Optimization 2014”. (I will be using an automatic e-mail filter, thus e-mails with different subject are very likely to be lost).


University Researcher, Docent Marian Codreanu

Any e-mail concerning this course (except the registration e-mail) should have the subject “Convex Optimization 2014”.


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