Dosentuurin opetusnäyte: Janne Lehtomäki

Maanantai, helmikuu 29, 2016

Paikka: TS 127

Aika: 10:00

Tieto- ja sähkötekniikan tiedekunnan tietoliikennetekniikan dosentuuriin liittyvä julkinen opetusnäyte

Luennoitsija: Tkt Janne Lehtomäki, Centre for Wireless Communications

Luennon otsikko: Spectrum Usage Measurements: Overview, Challenges and Techniques


Future wireless systems require more and more throughput to satisfy users' expectations. However, most of the lower frequencies are already allocated. Measurements have shown that actual usage of the frequencies is low. Due to this reason, regulators around the world are interested in how to utilize the unused frequencies for the benefit of the society. Most flexible solution is a full cognitive radio, finding autonomously unused frequencies to use for its own transmissions. The full cognitive radio solution demands high accuracy of spectrum sensing. Recently, it has been proposed that sensing accuracy can be improved by using real world spectrum usage measurements and statistics extracted from them. In this lecture, spectrum usage measurements and related algorithms are introduced to audience.

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