Transcultural Encounters Research Center includes altogether five research communities and over 80 researchers, ranging from internationally established researchers to doctoral students. This multidisciplinary, multilingual and multicultural Center has representatives from the fields of history, archaeology, cultural anthropology, literary research, cultural research, Sámi research, language research and socio-linguistics.


The multidisciplinary and multicultural composition of the center offers a favourable foundation for developing a creative, interactive research community and educating post-graduate students. The center currently includes nearly 40 doctoral students, and it intends to actively recruit more in the near future. Doctoral training is arranged together with UNIOGS.


The researchers in Transcultural Encounters Research Center are connected to different international networks. They have actively participated in international conferences, made research-related visits to foreign universities and research institutes, taken part in scholarly dialogues on various forums and participated in international research projects. The center’s research groups also regularly collaborate internationally.

Last updated: 11.4.2019