The topic of transculturalism is being approached from three perspectives in order to provide essentially deeper understanding on the interactive relationships and interdependencies:

1. Transnational encounters

The center examines the productive and conflicting aspects of transnational encounters and universal features observed in these encounters.

2. Cultural memory

The center asks: How are cross-border encounters manifested in cultural memory? How does cultural memory influence cross-border encounters?

3. Representations and images

The center studies: Which factors influence the formation of representations? What positive and negative impacts do representations have on transcultural encounters? What common features are there in the formation of representations/images?

The fact that our research center will apply various scientific paradigms and methods in studying transcultural encounters will enable multi-level, well-rounded analysis, comparison of results and traceability of processes. Identifying the processes of forming interactive relationships and dependencies will help in understanding the challenges and possibilities of multiculturalism.

Last updated: 6.10.2016