6G Wireless Summit'20

Tiistai, maaliskuu 17, 2020 - Perjantai, maaliskuu 20, 2020


Event will be organized virtually. Read more here!


The second 6G Wireless Summit will be held in Finnish Lapland in March 2020.

The first 6G Wireless Summit in March 2019 at Levi ski resort attracted close to 300 participants from 29 countries, including representatives of major infrastructure manufacturers, operators, vertical businesses, regulators as well as academia.

6G Flagship at the University of Oulu strives to ensure that 6G becomes a joint effort of traditional and new stakeholders and invites company representatives, researchers, decision-makers, and other builders and members of smart society to join the discussion on towards 6G!

6G Flagship published world’s first 6G white paper on 9 September 2019 which builds cornerstones for 2030 wireless intelligence. The publication elaborates the outcomes of a special White Paper Workshop held during the first 6G Wireless Summit focusing on key drivers, research requirements, challenges and research questions for 6G. 

In 2020, Summit attendees can contribute to more detailed mapping of the global 6G Research Vision. Attendees will also be offered numerous invited talks by leading global experts as well as multiple technical paper tracks through peer-reviewed paper submission process.

JOIN US to discover and define what 6G can become at its boldest!


Watch highlights of the 2019 event:



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