Start Up -seminar

Perjantai, huhtikuu 24, 2015


The Start Up -seminar is organized by the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Electrical Engineering at the University of Oulu.

It is open and free of charge for all interested in business opportunities in the field of ICT R&D. The programme includes interesting keynotes and start up -stories.

Pre-registration is required, link to registration.




Moderators: Karita Kasurinen and Ville Hulkko, Business Kitchen


From Oksman’s Sauna to Oulu ICT Ecosystem


Seminar Opening by
Industrial Councellor Jorma Terentjeff


From Invention to Industry


Keynote Speech by
Inka Mero/KoppiCatch & Janne Haverinen/Indoor Atlas


From Local to Global


Keynote Speech by
Zach Shelby/ARM


From Researcher to Entrepreneur


Start Up Stories by
Ari Takanen/Codenomicon, Juuso Nissilä/SelQee, Toni Lindén/Kyynel, Iikka Ellilä/Spektikor


From Start to Finish


Wrap-up of the Seminar by
Janne Mustonen/Business Oulu


Buffet Lunch and Mingle


The seminar is organized in co-operation with Infotech Oulu and its Doctoral Program, and University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS).



This event is part of the 50th Anniversary of Electrical Engineering in Oulu.



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