EIT DigiEduHack: Zero-harm

Keskiviikko, lokakuu 2, 2019 - Torstai, lokakuu 3, 2019

Digital Learning solutions Promoting Zero-harm

Join our EIT DigiEduHack -event in Oulu, Finland!

This event will bring together university students and professionals from diverse fields such as digital design, education and mining engineering to focus on the challenge of building digital learning solutions with a Zero-harm mindset.

Expected prototypes can range from learning games to virtual simulations.

This two-day event will culminate on October 3 as part. International experts and jury will join us leading up to awards handed out to the teams showcasing the best solution ideas.

Welcome to see further information on the event website: https://digieduhack.com/en/oulu-the-event-page-2019


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Stage, Tellus Innovation Arena and Lecture hall 2 (L2)

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Linnanmaa campus, Erkki Koiso Kanttilan katu 1, 90014 University of Oulu

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Viimeksi päivitetty: 17.9.2019