Product Management (PM) – Tuotehallinta

Research group:

Professor Harri Haapasalo
Dr Arto Tolonen
Dr Hanna Kropsu-Vehkaperä
Dr Jukka Majava
Mr Jordan Verrollot
Mr Ammar Bukhari
Mr Tatu Kokkonen
Dr Janne Harkonen

E-mail: firstname.lastname (at)

Research focus:

Research on product management focuses on developing and managing products, and services, throughout their life-cycles. Product management research group has specific interests including positioning of early product development, and division of activities into new product development, rapid product development and productisation. Research on product management analyses product development processes and relevant stakeholders at business case, business model, and business ecosystem levels. Other focus areas include  active product management and product portfolio management practices over product life-cycle, competitive renewal of product portfolios by introducing new products, maintaining the products  and by product removal and phase-out. In addition, the research covers accelerating product development processes, lean thinking, and agile methods. Also, product and master data management concepts, processes, tools and governance models are in focus. The research by the product management research group also involves product development related knowledge and knowledge management as a more abstract viewpoint, and product data management as a technical viewpoint. One of the latest interest areas is product development related sourcing. For the efficiency of business processes the product design principles, and Design for Excellence are integral part of the research interests.

The research aims to serve companies’ true needs and pursuit academic excellence by producing relevant knowledge for companies and creating high level publications and research reports. The research is realised in projects partially financed by companies.


  • Product: concepts, product architecture and structure, product data, productisation, type of products (HW, SW, Services), product versioning, product life-cycle
  • Product creation processes and tools
  • Product creation governance models
  • Drivers and dimensions of product creation
  • Product Management and product portfolio management





For companies operating in global business environments, there are constant customer development requests which require fast operational level decisions. New approaches for responding to customer demands through more efficient team managing practices are required. The RaDe II project is investigating new methods managing communication and utilizing self-managed teams in fast-paced development by asking; how to use the concept of self-managing teams to enhance rapid product development throughout the entire value chain?

The rapid development (RaDe) concept is a development framework which complements organization’s existing new product development (NPD) processes.  It covers the whole value chain and business network by enabling organizations to respond to unexpected customer requests in a more lightweight manner compared to typical NPD processes.

As a results, companies will have an additional framework to be utilized for different types of development needs. The project will also result in a “Rapid Development Handbook” to enable efficient knowledge transfer to the industrial sector.



Active Product Portfolio Management (APPM) project analyses processes, tools, management models, and key performance indicators relevant to active management of product portfolios.



RaDe (Rapid Development) project aims at clarifying the role of virtual collaboration competencies in global product development.



This project aims to create new knowledge on product data challenges in rapid productization context.



PLMD2 project aims to create new knowledge about the product data management and solutions for PLM (product lifecycle management) studying more deeply on product structure and requirements for digital realisation.


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