Funding decisions 21.5.2014

On 21st of May, 2014, the Rector of the University of Oulu made the funding decision concerning the internal call - Funding for finalizing a doctoral degree in 2014, based on the proposals by the University of Oulu Research Council and of the Dean of the University of Oulu Graduate School. The following applicants were selected to receive funding:

Last name First name Number of months Major DTC
Hanhela Teemu 2 Education HS
Harjumaa Marja 1 Information Processing Science TNS
Heikkinen Tommi 2 Information Networks and Mobile Applications TNS
Holma-Suutari Anniina 2 Animal Physiology TNS
Honkanen Hanne-Kaisa 1 Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  HBS
Hosio Simo 1 Computer Science TNS
Hänninen Kai 1 Industrial Engineering and Management TNS
Jurmu Marko 2 Computer Science and Engineering TNS
Kilpimaa Sari 2 Chemistry TNS
Kinnunen Tuomo 1 Industrial Engineering and Management TNS
Korteniemi Jarmo 2 Astronomy TNS
Kuusisto Sanna 1 Internal medicine HBS
Lampela Outi 2 Biochemistry HBS
Lankila Tiina 2 Geography HS
Lehto Liisa 2 Clinical chemistry HBS
Leppänen Kimmo 1 Photonics TNS
Li Banji 2 Information Processing Science TNS
Manninen Anna-Leena 1 Biophysics HBS
Mustakangas Terhi 1 Management HS
Nordström Tanja 2 Public Health HBS
Persson Maria 2 Anatomy HBS
Sirotkin Andrey 1 Marketing HS
Sorri Laura 2 Architecture TNS
Stibe Agnis 1 Information Processing Science TNS
Su Xiang 2 Intelligent Systems TNS
Sutela Suvi 2 Plant Physiology HBS
Suurkuukka Heli 2 Animal Ecology TNS
Tolonen Briitta Anna-Maria 1 Pharmacology and Toxicology  HBS
Uusitalo Ari 2 History HS
Vainikka Joni 2 Geography HS
Ylipulli Johanna 2 Cultural anthropology HS
Total months 50    

See the Call text for the Criterias and other details. UniOGS will collect the necessary information to analyze the impact of the funding call (i.e. how many degrees finalised in 2014) for reporting to the Research Council.

Viimeksi päivitetty: 21.5.2014