Resilient and Smart Solutions

Resilience is a concept that refers to the persistence of systems and their ability to absorb change and disturbances and still maintain essential activities. The theme discusses smart solutions that promote resilience and which academia and industry can produce together to meet the challenges of sustainable development. Solutions are presented on different scales from microbe level to the resource level and the planning system level.

Hosted by:
Bjørn Kløve, Professor
Head of the Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit
Director of the Kvantum Institute
Research presentations
Time: 10:40 to 11:45 
Location: L2
Tarja Outila: Resilience in Urban Design and Planning
Ulla Lassi: Smart Solutions of Electrochemistry and Battery Components
Anna Maria Pirttilä: Solutions for the Human Health from Symbiotic Plant Microbes
Company pitches
Time: 11:45 to 12:00 
Location: L2
Lasse Moilanen, CEO, BioSO4
Juhani Lahdenperä, Founder, BSUM
Minna Kihlström,  Vascular Biology Lead, Finnadvance


Research Presentations