University of Oulu Doctoral Programmes for the years 2014-2017

A brief description of the UniOGS Doctoral Programmes, selected for 2014-2017 and closed till the end of 2016, is given below.


Biocenter Oulu Doctoral Programme (BCO-DP):
BCO-DP is an integral part of Biocenter Oulu, which is a research institute heading the University of Oulu´s (UO) strategic research focus area of Biosciences and Health. BCO-DP provides postgraduate training in biosciences, biomedicine, biotechnology and related fields. The mission of BCO-DP is to provide the doctoral students with an excellent theoretical and technical training upon which they can build their future careers at the highest national and international level.  BCO-DP nourishes the motivation for a discovery-driven research career and for other tasks relating to research, education, administration and entrepreneurship. Any doctoral trainee at the University of Oulu whose thesis project fits in the focus area of Biosciences and Health can apply to BCO-DP. The total number of doctoral trainees is at present about 110.

Medical Research Center Oulu Doctoral Programme (MRC Oulu-DP):
The Doctoral Programme of Medical Research (MRC Oulu-DP) is a doctoral program collecting different fields of medical sciences i.e. clinical medicine, biomedicine, health sciences and medical technology under the umbrella of multidisciplinary training program. The programme is a fundamental part of the research focus areas “Biosciences and Health” within the university of Oulu and it will strengthen the systematic and already strong research training and collaboration in this field.  The main aim of MRC Oulu-DP is to promote high level research and to train scientifically qualified experts for the needs of the medical research and education, health care, public authorities and industry. MRC Oulu provides postgraduate training, which is open to all postgraduate students and researchers. The number of the doctoral students in MRC Oulu is over 200.


Human Sciences Doctoral Programme (EUDA-DP):
EUDA-DP Doctoral Program, which is managed by Eudaimonia – Center for Human Sciences of University of Oulu, provides high quality doctoral training in human sciences. The doctoral students are based in active research communities, where they get firsthand experience of research practices in their primary field of human science. In addition to development of knowledge and expertise in specific fields, the center promotes interaction and interdisciplinary research across the research communities. Thereby, doctoral students will be exposed also to research practices in various fields of human sciences and have opportunities to develop insights into cross-disciplinary research both within human sciences and beyond.

Oulu Business School Doctoral Programme (OBS-DP):
The doctoral programme in the Oulu Business School (OBS) covers all the six disciplines represented in the School’s curriculum: accounting, economics, finance, international business, management and organization and marketing. The goal of the OBS doctoral programme is to train students to conduct high quality international-level research, and prepare them also to challenging jobs outside of academia. Currently, the OBS doctoral programme has interdisciplinary research themes with researchers from medical and engineering sciences. The doctoral students take courses also in other disciplines within the University of Oulu (such as social sciences, mathematics and statistics). Martti Ahtisaari Institute (MAI) in Oulu Business School shares many of the research themes with the doctoral programme. MAI also offers funding for selected doctoral students in the programme.


Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program (Infotech-DP):
Infotech-DP develops and fosters doctoral education and training in the general area of information technology. It is cross-disciplinary across the faculty borders covering research groups within the Faculties of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Medicine, and Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine. The training covers the related main subjects of doctoral training, in particular, communications engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, and information processing science.

Aurora Doctoral Program (Aurora DP):
Aurora DP is focusing on environment, natural resources and northern issues. The underlining drive is change in the North and the needs to study its impacts on ecosystems and societies and to find sustainable mitigation solutions.

Doctoral Programme in Exact Sciences (Exactus-DP)
Exactus-DP covers a broad range of research fields belonging to the focus area of "Environment, Natural Resources and Materials" at University of Oulu, and includes astronomy, physics, chemistry, mathematics and statistics. The research topics are: Space sciences - physics of galaxies, physics of planets and planetary systems, high-energy astroparticle physics, space physics including ionospheric and magnetospheric physics, solar-terrestrial connections, space climate and cosmic rays physics; Molecular and materials sciences - theoretical condensed matter physics, main group chemistry, electron spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, thin films and nanostructures, neurobiophysics; Mathematical sciences - analysis, number theory, applied mathematics, statistics, mathematics education and inverse problems.

Advanced Materials Doctoral Programme (ADMA-DP):
The mission of ADMA-DP is 1) to execute high-level national and international research on natural and man-made materials and technologies for sustainable products, production processes and environmental applications, and 2) to educate highly multidisciplinary researchers and experts for universities, research centres and industry. The research in the DP includes the whole materials cycle, from e.g. exploration and extraction of minerals, through mineral processing to sustainable and innovative materials and finally to materials recovery and recycling. The research also covers diminishing potential environmental impacts at each stage of the material cycle.

Doctoral Programme of Architecture (Archi-DP):
Sustainable built environment - ARCHI-DP offers a high level research education for those who want to go on with doctoral studies.  The aim is to educate competent researchers and those designers who derive strength to their practice from research.  The topics of this doctoral programme are part of the focus areas of our university´s research  such as Northern environment, climate change and densifying the social structures.

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