Biocenter Oulu Day 2021

In spring 2021 the Biocenter Oulu Day "Diseases on a Dish - the Next Generation Approaches"  will be arranged as an remote event including online sessions on the following afternoons starting at 14:00:

March 4th

March 18th 

March 25th

Each session will contain separate interesting presentations by international experts.



Disease on a dish - The Next Generation Approaches!

Time   Thursday 4th, 18th and 25th March 2021 starting at 14.00

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We will have our Biocenter Oulu Day 2021 event in zoom on three Thursday afternoons in March 2021 starting at 14.00 hrs.

The chat will be available for questions to the speakers and hosted by the session chairs.

Please note that all the people, who will ask a question in the chat, will be participating to a lottery on that day and the prize is a lunch ticket at Aalto restaurant (Aapistie 1). We shall have this lottery on each day.

More artistic competition:

Use your artistic skills and make a drawing, picture or illustration of one or more of the following categories:

  • How do you interpret the “Disease on a dish” theme?
  • How does your work or project represent the theme of the day “Disease on a dish”?
  • Make a drawing inspired by one of the speaker’s lectures.

Please send your pictures or drawings to Samina by e-mail samina.kazi(a) by 26th March 2021 at the latest. The prize is lunch tickets and the best candidates will be chosen by the social team of the organisation committee and revealed on the Biocenter Day webpage on the 29th March, winners will be previously contacted by email.

Session 1:   Thursday 4th March 2021 starting at 14.00 hrs (local time)

Chairs:         Anil Sohail and Samina Kazi

                     Welcome by Johannes Kettunen, Scientific Director of Biocenter Oulu

                       Prof. Knut Drescher, “Bacterial biofilm development and functions”, Max Planck Institute, University Marburg, Germany

                      Sponsor: Merck Life Science Oy: Marko Sankala “Merck Update”

                      Prof. Dagmar Wachten, “Analyzing primary ciliary signaling using optogenetics”, University of Bonn, Germany


Session 2:   Thursday 18th March 2021 starting at 14.00 hrs (local time)

Chairs:        Surbhi Mishra and Venla Mustonen 

                    Welcome by Lauri Eklund, Director of Biocenter Oulu, Research infrastructure services

                     Dr Xavier Gidrol, “From Pancreatic Organoids-on-Chip to Diabete-on-Chip” CEA-Grenoble, France

                     Sponsor: Qiagen Oy: Helge Lind “QIAcuity-next generation digital PCR using Nanoplates”

                     Sponsor: Promega Oy: Katja Ahokas “Promega – 30 years of luminescence, sensitive and dynamic tools for science”

                     Sponsor: Finnadvance: Prateek Singh “Barriers - Recreating the defensive divide"

                     Prof. Jyrki Heino, “Cell-matrix interaction in human cancer", BioCity Turku, University of Turku


Session 3:   Thursday 25th March 2021 starting at 14.00 hrs (local time)

Chairs:       Sara Pereira Cruz and Susanna Koivuluoma

                   Sinikka Eskelinen, “History of BCO Day”

                    Prof. Hans Clevers, “Organoids to model human disease”, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

                    Sponsor: Immuno Diagnostic Oy: Katja-Riikka Louhi “Printing life”

                    Dr Haico van Attikum, “DNA repair in chromatin: the cancer connection”, Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands

                     Prizes for the best picture or idea presented by Social team

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