Call for course funding proposals 2020

Internal call for course funding proposals for the development of doctoral training activities in Health and Biosciences

The Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme (HBS-DP) will allocate funding to be used during the year 2020 to organize doctoral training activities within the following Doctoral Degree Programmes: Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Health Sciences, Dentistry, and Biology.

The proposed doctoral training activities may comprise e.g. field-specific courses, symposia, workshops or alike targeted mainly to doctoral students. Joint or methodological courses suitable for several disciplines and courses/events arranged in local, national or international cooperation are also applicable. We would especially encourage applicants to plan multidisciplinary courses co-organized together with one or more of the other University of Oulu Doctoral Programmes (see

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Send your proposals via this link:

Submission is open until December 10th, 2019.

The persons responsible for the proposals will be informed of the decisions within 2-3 weeks.

Guidelines for acceptable costs

  • Direct costs related to running of the training activity (consumables for practical courses, hourly rental costs and video streaming, etc.)
  • Mobility costs: travel and accommodation costs for external teachers invited to Oulu
  • Honoraries or lecture fees for the external teachers
  • Modest hospitality costs (meals)
  • Other relevant justified expenses
  • Funds may not be used for the purchase of any equipment or infrastructure. No daily allowances are covered.

Some guidelines for budgeting:

  • Travelling costs: Finland 200-400 eur, Europe 1000 eur, outside of Europe 1500 eur
  • Accommodation / day / person; max: 100 eur in Finland
  • Lecture fees/ honoraries (invited lecturers): Professors usually 125 eur/hour

Further information

All funded proposals are required to be reported to HBS-DP after the course activity is completed.

For further information concerning the call, please contact the HBS-DP coordinator Mirja Peltola (firstname.lastname (at)


Last updated: 1.11.2019