Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series



Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series includes seminars with different times and different formats:

  • Kontinkangas Campus Research Talks are traditional invited guest or local expert seminars
  • R3 Brown Bag Lunch Seminars bring together different topics (mostly currently in Linnanmaa)
  • For the early birds, R3 Morning Coffee Seminars give a new occasion to hear and meet colleagues in a more relaxed surroundings
  • HBS-DP Research Plan Seminars include presentations by doctoral students about their PhD research
  • Other additional interestin scientific events

Credits: 0,5 ECTS (Attendance to 10 seminars)

Registration: Seminars are open for everyone without registration. PhD students: Remember to sign in for earning ECTS

What: Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series includes several interesting presentations from both local and invited high-level researchers.  

The topics intends to cover all Health and Biosciences related disciplines.

To whom: Seminars are for everybody: doctoral students, researchers and clinicians etc. across Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences and Biology.

Info contact: Mirja Peltola, HBS-DP coordinator, mirja.peltola (at) oulu.fi, tel. 0294 48 5447


**** Coffee is served before or during the seminars – be there on time! ****

Programme is under construction and will be updated constantly!


Kontinkangas Campus Research Talks                                                  

R3 Brown Bag Lunch Seminars                

R3 Morning Coffee seminars                                                        

Dec 5, 2019    

Salla Ruskamo 

8.45-9.15, Tellus Kontinkangas     

Dec 17, 2019

BCO Discovery of the Year

 8.00-16.00, Leena Palotie Auditorium

Dec 19, 2019

Assistant Prof. Jian Yan, Department of Biomedical Sciences
City University of Hong Kong

"Systematic Analysis of Transcription Factor Binding to Non-Coding Variants in the Human Genome"


Jan 23, 2020

Associate Prof. Qiaolin Deng, Dept. Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

"Pluripotency transition and X-chromosome dynamics of early mouse development revealed by single-cell RNAseq"

Lecture room F202, 15:00-16:00

Feb 6, 2020

Assistant Prof. Aleksandra Marsavelski, University of Zagreb, Dep. of Chemistry

topic TBA

Dentopolis H1091, 13-14

Feb 10, 2020

BCO Groups 2020-2023 Symposium

separate programme, 9.30-15.45, K101


















































































Past programme, Spring 2019: 

Spring 2019 Seminar Programme in PDF format >>

Past programme, Spring 2018: 

PDF-format: Programme for Health and Biosciences Guest Seminar Series, Spring 2018

Past programme, Autumn 2017: 

PDF-format: Programme for Health and Biosciences Guest Seminar Series, Autumn 2017


Last updated: 17.1.2020