Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series



Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series includes seminars with different times and different formats:

  • Kontinkangas Campus Research Talks are traditional invited guest or local expert seminars
  • R3 Brown Bag Lunch Seminars bring together different topics (mostly currently in Linnanmaa)
  • For the early birds, R3 Morning Coffee Seminars give a new occasion to hear and meet colleagues in a more relaxed surroundings
  • HBS-DP Research Plan Seminars include presentations by doctoral students about their PhD research
  • Other additional interestin scientific events

Credits: 0,5 ECTS (Attendance to 10 seminars)

Registration: Seminars are open for everyone without registration. PhD students: Remember to sign in for earning ECTS

What: Kontinkangas Campus Seminar Series includes several interesting presentations from both local and invited high-level researchers.  

The topics intends to cover all Health and Biosciences related disciplines.

To whom: Seminars are for everybody: doctoral students, researchers and clinicians etc. across Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences and Biology.

Info contact: Mirja Peltola, HBS-DP coordinator, mirja.peltola (at) oulu.fi, tel. 0294 48 5447


**** Coffee is served before or during the seminars – be there on time! ****

Programme is under construction and will be updated constantly!


Kontinkangas Campus Research Talks                                                  

R3 Brown Bag Lunch Seminars                

R3 Morning Coffee seminars                                                        

Aug          22                                                      

Roman Frolov, Nano and molecular materials research unit, Faculty of Science: "Introducing the electrophysiological laboratory, and its conventional and novel uses"

15.00-16.00, F202 



Sep 5 


Lauri Eklund, Vesa Kiviniemi, Ville Myllylä: ”Vascular and glymphatic drainage pathways; morphogenetic mechanisms, multimodal monitoring and clinical applications”

12.00-13.00 Dentopolis H1091


Sep 19

Núria Montserrat, Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia, Spain

Engineering human pluripotent stem cells derived organoids: immediate challenges and applications

13:30-14:30, H1091 Dentopolis


Antti Siipo: "LeaF - Research Infrastructure, enabling multidisciplinary research"

8.45-9.15, Tellus Kontinkangas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Sep 26

Dr. Geert Carmeliet, Ku Leuven, Belgium:

“Hypoxia signaling and cell metabolism is skeletal cells”

15.00-16.00, H1091 Dentopolis


Sep 30 

HBS-DP Research Plan Seminar

L101A, 14.00->                                                                              



Oct 7


Nobel Prize Campus Event

Introductory speech by Jussi Koivunen



Oct 10


Assoc. Prof. Jane Chen and Prof. Timo Hautala

11.00-12.00, Tellus Kontinkangas,


Oct 17

Dr. Anthony Vernon, King's College London, UK: "Are structural brain changes in Schizophrenia related to antipsychotic medication? – insights from pre-clinical studies"

14.00-15.30, H1091 Dentopolis


Oct 15

Fibrosis Diseasome Grand Opening

Separate programme TBA

8.30-17.00, Leena Palotie Auditorium



Oct 28

HBS-DP Research Plan Seminar

298B, 14.00->



Oct 31

Marcus Fruttiger, University Collage London, Institute of Ophthalmology

H1091, Dentopolis

Nov 21

Prof. John Eriksson, Department of Biosciences, Åbo Akademi University

15.00-16.00, H1091, Dentopolis


Nov 25 


HBS-DP Research Plan Seminar

298B, 14.00->



Nov 28

Kontinkangas Campus Research Talks

Meet top scientist 

Separate programme >>

12.00-15.00, Tellus Kontinkangas 

Dec 5    

Salla Ruskamo 

8.45-9.15, Tellus Kontinkangas     

Dec 17

BCO Discovery of the Year

 8.00-16.00, Leena Palotie Auditorium

Dec 19

Assistant Prof. Jian Yan, Department of Biomedical Sciences
City University of Hong Kong

"Systematic Analysis of Transcription Factor Binding to Non-Coding Variants in the Human Genome"



















































































Past programme, Spring 2019: 

Spring 2019 Seminar Programme in PDF format >>

Past programme, Spring 2018: 

PDF-format: Programme for Health and Biosciences Guest Seminar Series, Spring 2018

Past programme, Autumn 2017: 

PDF-format: Programme for Health and Biosciences Guest Seminar Series, Autumn 2017


Last updated: 4.12.2019