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Here you can find Graduate School's forms and instructions.

Important Technical note:

In all cases, it is recommended that you download the form and save it to your computer’s hard-drive before starting to fill it in (Right-click on the link and “Save as…”).

The latest version of Adobe Reader, version 9 or higher, is required to fill in and save our completed, or partially completed, PDF forms. This will allow you to complete and modify the forms in several sessions. This is not possible with earlier versions of Adobe (Acrobat) Reader.

The latest version of Adobe Reader for Windows
The latest version of Adobe Reader for Macintosh (Apple)
The latest version of Adobe Reader for Unix

You may need to restart your computer after installing/updating the programme.

Even when Adobe Reader is correctly installed, the system may still try (unsuccessfully) to use the inbuilt “pdf viewer” application to open pdf files (this happens by default with Apple computers). If this is the case, open the Adobe Reader programme and then open the form using the “Open” command in the file menu.

Please follow carefully the instructions for submitting the form provided on the form itself.

Do NOT use the “Submit form” button located at the top right of the Window.


European recommendations and principles for the Doctoral Training:

For applying doctoral study rights:

See first Instructions for applicants and Requirements for admission.

Follow-up group:

Doctoral Training Plan:

Approving field specific ECTS credits into a doctoral degree:

For travel grants:

Nominating new supervisor:

Instructions and forms for the end-process:

NEW: The Final Stages of the Doctoral Degree Process (pdf file).


Sharing costs between faculties and units

NOTE: This template agreement (optimized for Microsoft Word) is for use only by Research Unit Directors and/or Deans of the Faculties of the University of Oulu, or by persons specifically designated by them (available only in English).

Miscellaneous instructions:


Last updated: 1.6.2020