Funding the doctoral studies

In general, doctoral training is funded either by doctoral programmes of the University of Oulu Graduate School, grants from foundations, carrying out teaching duties in the University, or from the research group/project funds. See first, if any funded doctoral positions are open: calls for doctoral students or discuss with your prospective supervisor about funding.  Each student’s doctoral training plan must include a funding plan, which describes the planned sources of funding for the training (eg. possible grants from foundations, teaching duties, etc). In addition, the other costs directly related to the research project should be taken into account in the doctoral training plan.

Competitive external research funding and funding proposal related matters are presented in general terms in the intranet Notio. The practices of the University of Oulu are also discussed there.

A lot of information about research funding sources can be found from the Project Services of University of Oulu, and their newsletter for research funding. From the intranet Notio webpages is External Funding Sources guide where can be found the global ResearchProfessional –database of science funding organizations. This database is available also for the doctoral students of the University of Oulu if they are employed by the university (ip- address and/or have or -ending in the email in order to register).

You can also found funding sources both from Finland and abroad from the Aurora-database. There you will find all the foundations and other non-research funding agencies from which you can apply for a grant for doctoral training, travel, etc. Also, Finnish foundations can be found from here. Also CIMO promotes international cooperation and mobility and it has scholarship pool and fellowships for doctoral training. See also other funding opportunities.

Last updated: 27.9.2016