University of Oulu, 2016

How to apply

Admission requirements will be updated to application period starting July 1, 2021.

The application to UniOGS is filled in Studyinfo.

Before you start filling in your application form, please make sure that all the following requirements are met:


Find and contact a suitable senior scientist affiliated with a research unit at the University of Oulu who is qualified and willing to act as the Principal Supervisor of your doctoral training. Some tips on how to find a Principal Supervisor can be found here.

Research topic and funding

Agree upon a research topic with your proposed Principal Supervisor.

Agree with the Principal Supervisor upon the possible need for co-supervisors, and the funding (salary/grant) and research arrangements.


Make sure that you have good-quality, electronically scanned copies of:

  1. A completed commitment form signed by all proposed supervisors and the head of unit (your Principal Supervisor can help identify the head of the unit).
  2. All diplomas and transcripts of the records (copies in the original language and, when necessary, official translations to English or Finnish) relevant to the application, including documented evidence of language skills. These documents, required for all applicants, must be compiled into a single pdf document.

If selected for admssion to UniOGS, applicants will be required to present the original copies of all certificates/diplomas mentioned above if they were not obtained from the University of Oulu.

Degree certificates/diplomas obtained from some countries may have to be authenticated with some other official documents or stamps (further details will be provided following the decision to grant the study rights).

Other necessary information

You may need to consult your proposed Principal Supervisor in order to provide the correct information in some fields of the application form. Such information includes, for example:

  • The name of the Doctoral Degree Programme, the Major Subject, and the Doctoral Degree for which you are applying for study rights at the University of Oulu. Note that, in order to access the correct application form in the online system, you must use the link to the correct Doctoral Degree Programme;
  • The faculty and research unit of the University of Oulu in which the doctoral research is to be carried out;
  • The full names, titles, affiliations and contact data (phone & e-mail) of the Principal Supervisor and of any co-supervisors (up to two);
  • Information concerning any relevant statements or permits that are required for the doctoral research and that have been applied for, or obtained, from Ethics Committees.

While filling in the online application form

The application form can be completed in multiple sessions, and may be modified at any time before it is submitted. However, once you have started to fill in the form, you must add data to ALL fields indicated with an asterix (*) as being obligatory, as well as the obligatory attachments, before you can “save” the form.

In order to save your completed (or partially completed) application form, click on the “Send” button at the top of the form and follow the instructions provided.

The first time you do this, you will be provided with a link and other information allowing you to access and continue editing your application later, until it is submitted or until the close of the call.

Please note that subsequent clicks of the “Send” button simply result in saving the form in the system: the application will only be submitted when you have followed the submission procedure described below.

Remember to save your data regularly, particularly before you leave the system after modifying the application.

Submission of the application

Applications cannot be saved, or submitted, if they lack any information or attachment marked with an asterix (*) as being obligatory.

When your application is complete with all of the required information and attachments and is ready to be submitted, indicate this as follows:

  • At the end of the online form (Section 9), select “This application is complete” from the pull-down menu;
  • Type the date of submission in the text box provided.
  • Click on the “Send” button at the top of the form.

Applications that have been identified as being complete will be processed for admission as described at deadlines and application process page

Please note that:

  1. Applications that have not been identified by the applicant as being complete (see above) will not be processed before the close of the call. All such applications remaining in the admissions system when the call closes will be considered to be complete and will be processed as such.
  2. Changes made to an application after it has been identified as being complete (see above) may not be taken into account.
  3. Applications cannot be modified after the close of the call period.



Last updated: 4.5.2021