Second Call for UniOGS Arctic Attitude Winter School 2021 proposals

UniOGS Arctic Attitude Winter School 2021


The University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS) will organize Arctic Attitude Winter School 2021 for doctoral researchers in spring 2021 during the weeks 11-14.

The Winter School will consist of several one calendar week long PhD level (field specific) online courses. During each week, there will be 2 to 4 courses running in parallel related to and coordinated by the Doctoral Programmes: Health and Biosciences, Human Sciences, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, and Technology and Natural Sciences. Multidisciplinary courses are encouraged.

The Winter School gives University of Oulu professors and researchers an opportunity to teach an intensive max one-week course related to their own expertise and research. Courses must be doctoral level and they must be of interest to a number of doctoral researchers in order to be accepted in the winter school, but they don’t need to be mass courses (expected minimum number of participants 15-20 doctoral students).

In the spring 2021 edition of the winter school all courses are planned to be organized online only. Some support in scheduling and practical issues will be given for the online courses. In a well-justified situation, courses involving face-to-face teaching in university premises can also be organized. However, in these cases teachers must themselves take care of all practicalities as well as health and safety issues.

ECTS credits from the courses should be well defined already in the proposal. For example, participating in the lectures and reading required materials could give 1 credit point and additional 1-2 credit points could be given from optional assignments after the intensive week. All such assignments should have firm deadline with a maximum of 4 weeks after the intensive week in order to be considered as part of the winter school. Upon teachers’ approval and given that practical arrangements allow for that, researchers other than doctoral researchers from home university as well as doctoral researchers from other universities can participate the courses. If the number of participants is limited, highest priority is given to doctoral researchers of home university.

In these courses, all teachers must be staff members of the University of Oulu. Visiting teachers will not be funded in this call. There can be max two teachers in the course, for instance jointly a Professor and a Postdoc researcher or Postdoc researcher and Teaching assistant. Both teachers must give minimum of 8 hours of contact teaching, and each course must give minimum of 16 total hours of contact teaching. Example course structure would include 8-12 hours of lectures and 8-12 hours of other teaching (e.g. exercises), thus a total of 16-24 hours of contact teaching during the intensive week. A teacher doesn’t get any extra salary, but a teacher’s research unit will be compensated. The teachers will allocate one calendar week’s 37,25 working hours in the Sole TM information system to the Winter School. All preparation and checking the assignments is included in this compensation.

UniOGS calls for course proposals from University of Oulu researchers interested in organizing a course under the terms described above.

The decisions about the courses that will be accepted to the Winter School will be made by the deans of UniOGS.

Send your proposals via this link no later than January 31 2021.




Last updated: 19.1.2021