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HS-DP Calendar of Events 2020

The following HS-DP courses are planned for 2020. Information about the timing and content will be updated on these web pages, but if lacking, or you need some further information, please contact the course convenors.


Academic Writing in English

Responsible person: Niina Kunnas

Business Theory and Thought

Responsible person: Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen

Etiikkaa ihmistieteilijöille

Responsible person: Niina Kunnas

Interdisciplinary perspective to the life-cycle of an article: From a draft to a publishable text

Responsible person: Pentti Haddington

Timing: 19.11.-4.12.2020

Intersubjectivity in (inter)action: a multisensorial phenomenon

Responsible person: Florence Oloff / Contact person: Samira Ibnelkaid

Timing: 23.11.-25.11.20

Registration: LINK (WebOodi)

Käyttöpohjainen kieliopintutkimus ja sen sovellukset

Responsible person: Maria Frick

Timing: 15-29 April, 2020

Materiality, Civil Wars, and Difficult Heritage

Responsible person: Timo Ylimaunu

Timing: 10-14 August, 2020

Moving with PhEmaterialist and Creative Methodologies: Response-Able Research and Practice

Responsible person: Tuija Huuki

Northern Exposure: How to present successfully with arctic attitude to international audiences

Responsible person: Seija Jalagin

Online Citizen Science: Ethics and Minorities Involvement

Responsible person: Ritva Kylli

Timing: 5‒7 November, 2020

PhD Workshop: Possibilities and challenges of different research materials

Responsible person: Vesa Puuronen

Timing: Postponed! The event will be rescheduled to a later date.

Research and Conceptualisations of Global Education and Learning

Responsible person: Elina Lehtomäki

(Re)Searching for sustainable solutions - Peruttu (Järjestetään mahdollisesti vuonna 2021)

Responsible person: Päivi Lujala

Visual and virtual methods for nexus analysis

Timing: 24-25 August, 2020

Responsible person: Leena Kuure

Väitöskirjan johdanto-osan kirjoittaminen

Responsible person: Niina Kunnas

Last updated: 1.10.2020