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Zero-to-One innovation: How does IT happen?

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Name of the course Zero-to-One innovation: How does IT happen?
Timing Week 11 (9-13.3.2020)
Professor Harri Oinas-Kukkonen
Post Doc Piiastiina Tikka
Organizing unit(s) ITEE/OASIS
ECTS Credits 2-5
Language of instruction English
Learning outcomes

This course will help the students:
1. understand basics and fundamentals of ideating and IT innovation creation,
2. get an overview of future research opportunities on IT innovation, and
3. participate in research discussions with peers.


Contents Course description:
This course discusses digitalization and innovation: How do innovations –  especially information technology (IT) innovations – happen? The course is multidisciplinary and it is open for students from all doctoral programs. It fits especially well for computer science and business students. The Web is used as an example throughout the course.

1. The quest for Zero-to-One innovation
2. Core business values in Zero-to-One innovation
3. Case: Social web as an innovation accelerator. Innovation strategies and innovation ecosystems
4. Societal and individual impacts. Case: Social web as a humanizer. The next generation of the web. Future challenges.
Mode of delivery Lectures and interactive hands-on exercises
Learning activities and teaching methods (hours)

Readings and 8 + 8 hours of contact learning (2 credit points). Possibility for book exam or course assignment to obtain three additional credit points, then totaling 5 credit points.

Target group Multidisciplinary course, open for all doctoral students; fits especially well for computer science and business students.
Prerequisites and co-requisites None.
Recommended optional programme components None.
Recommended or required reading Oinas-Kukkonen H. et al.: Humanizing the Web: Change and Social Innovation. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK, (chapters seven to twelve)
Assessment methods and criteria Active participation in lectures and exercises; optional book exam or assignment
Grading Pass/fail
Person responsible Harri Oinas-Kukkonen
Working life cooperation -
Other information

Times and Places:

Monday 09 March: 15.00-18.30, Place SÄ 124

Tuesday 10 March: 15.00-18.30, Place TM 113

Wednesday 11 March: 15.00-18.30, Place IT 133

Thursday 12 March: 15.00-18.30, Place TS 127


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